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Gravel, Pack, and Sand

Our Leaf Mulch

If you're looking to take your landscaping to the next level, then gravel, pack, and sand are the perfect materials to finish off any project.


These base materials are affordable, easy to install, and long lasting.


Serving as structural stability for construction projects, a foundation layer, or a final layer for a wide range of miscellaneous projects, these materials will truly help enhance the beauty of any outdoor living space.

Gravel 3/4

3/4 gravel is the perfect general use stone that can be used for a variety of different projects. From backfilling walls, drainage, soil erosion prevention, and even as a mulch substitute, it's a great way to add some visual appeal to your backyard.

The crushed stone is easy to spread and comes in a beautiful natural gray color that will complement any outside space or construction project.

Stone dust is a fine, versatile material often used in landscaping and construction projects. It serves as an excellent base for pavers, patios, and walkways, ensuring stability and preventing shifting over time. Stone dust is also ideal for filling in cracks between stones or pavers, creating a smooth, unified surface. Its compactibility makes it suitable for setting large stones and blocks in place. Our stone dust is sourced from high-quality stone, ground into fine particles that offer both durability and aesthetic appeal. Available in grey, it can complement any outdoor design, making it perfect for your next hardscaping project.

Stone Dust.jpg
3/4 Pack
3/4 pack stone dust

3/4 gravel and stone dust also known as pack is a material used to provide stability and support for driveways and can be used as a base for patios. It's also a great base under asphalt, paving stones, and retaining walls.

This durable material can withstand heavy traffic, which makes it a great choice for both commercial and residential projects.


An essential part of any landscaping project, sand is used for a variety of purposes, including creating pathways or walkways, drainage for landscaping, and the installation of above ground pools. It helps to aerate soil, helps with bases and foundations, and can serve as a great texture for activity areas and kid's sand boxes, or to help make your dream beach themed oasis a reality.

Our sand is made from the highest quality, and we offer a variety of colors, textures, and sizes for all your outdoor projects.

landscaping Sand
Pea Stone.jpg

Pea stone, or pea gravel, is a versatile, small, rounded rock perfect for landscaping and outdoor decor. Its varied colors and smooth texture are ideal for pathways, garden beds, and ground cover, enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces while providing excellent drainage. It is particularly suitable for use around fire pits and pathways, thanks to its smoothness and small size, ensuring a comfortable walking surface and a natural look. Our pea stone is carefully selected for its quality and aesthetic appeal, making your projects both beautiful and functional without the need for bark mulch.


Our 1 and a half inch natural round stone is a decorative, larger stone that excels in enhancing landscape features such as rock gardens, water features, and edging. Its significant size and naturally rounded shape add texture and depth to any outdoor space, contributing to a dramatic and less commercial look. The variety of colors ensures it blends seamlessly with different landscape designs, offering an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive appearance. Beyond its beauty, this stone serves practical purposes, such as improving drainage in garden beds and preventing erosion on slopes, thanks to its size and weight. Sourced from the finest quarries, our natural round stone is durable and weather-resistant, maintaining its beauty through all seasons. This makes it an outstanding choice for elevating the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor projects, ensuring they remain vibrant and structurally sound over time.

1 1_2 inch stone.jpg
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